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inteliPAY is a web-based deposit portal whereby customers can load funds from anywhere and from any internet-based device. inteliPAY is a plugin for clients using inteliPOS and PaperCut. It supports payments deposits via credit card, debit card and SnapScan.

Because inteliPAY is hosted on the cloud, there is not hardware layout for the client, users can load funds 24/7 and off-site.


How it works

When a student or employee is required to reload their inteliPOS or PaperCut account, they will navigate to a predetermined URL, where the user will be prompted to provide their student or employee number before accessing the payment page.

A simple verification is done to verify if the student or employee and then the user is guided to the payment page. The user will select a type of payment, the amount they wish to load to their account and complete the payment option selected.

Within minutes the user’s card is ready to make a transaction at any inteliPOS and PaperCut devices.


  • Setup within 24 hours
  • The inteliPAY web portal is hosted on an external server & monitored by the inteliPAY support team
  • Each site has its own virtual version & unique data
  • A URL is issued for each paid site e.g.
  • The login screen will display a customized logo
  • InteliPAY facilitates the following secure payment gateways, namely:
    • Credit card / Debit card deposits: Payfast
    • EFT deposits Payfast
    • Digital Wallet deposits: SnapScan
  • All monetary based transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  •  Automatic top-up payment options for credit cards only
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intelipay for intelipos and papercut
intelipay for intelipos and papercut
intelipay for intelipos and papercut
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