Stockable is an in-car vending machine for the ride-hailing industry. To put it simply, it’s an in-car marketing, retail and distribution platform. It allows the ride-hailing industry drives to generate another stream of income while offering retail items to their passengers.


How it works

The drivers have a Stockable box where passengers can view items to purchase; chips, chewing gum, mints, headache tablets, etc. The passenger logs into the Stockable website, adds the driver’s unique code and has visibility to the driver’s stock. Selected the products like an ecommerce store, use your method of payment and a confirmation SMS will be sent to the driver and passenger as purchase confirmation.


  • Each driver has their own store which means what the passenger sees is what the driver has in stock.
  • Payment options with Snapscan, Zapper and Credit Card
  • SMS notification of purchased good with option to have your invoice emailed to the passenger.
  • Manage drive application and approval process.
  • Full stock management system.
  • Orders management console.
  • View transaction history.
  • Contact enquiry module.
  • Mailing list module for driver and passengers alike.
  • Reports and graphs
  • CMS
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