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Remote has created the ideal turnkey e-commerce solution for Syspro, Sage and Kerridge Commercial Systems clients. By placing the power in the customers’ hands and creating a full spectrum of self-services tools you automatically increase the customers’ loyalty. RemoteShop simplifies the ability for customers to view products, prices and place orders. Because it syncs to your ERP in real-time the customer is able to track their orders, view backorder item status and view previous invoices in a matter of minutes at any given time while being synced to your ERP system of choice.

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Non account holders
They will experience the same process as any e-commerce website but in the background, all the products and orders are passed to your ERP system of choice.
Account customers
This solution is extensive and offers the following features:
  • Secure login for reps, admin and customers
  • Custom landing page, feature promos, news etc
  • Product catalogue with keywords and multi-level category filters
  • Contract pricing base on the account’s setting
  • Place orders using a cart function with mutli-payment options
  • Account dashboard with aging summary and credit available
  • View open order and status as it changes in your ERP software
  • View invoices history and full copy of invoice
  • View back ordered items and their status
  • Manage web only and ERP specials and promotions
  • Document archiving, give customers access to product info, videos, design material etc
  • Switch accounts, based on the structure of your account and sub accounts, switch between them.
  • Manage user, customer can add users to their account with many parameter limits.
  • CMS system for admin
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