The ideal e-commerce solution for Syspro, Sage & Kerridge clients

Remote has created the ideal turnkey e-commerce solution for Syspro, Sage and Kerridge Commercial Systems clients. By placing the power in the customers’ hands and creating a full spectrum of self-services tools you automatically increase the customers’ loyalty.

RemoteShop simplifies the ability for customers to view products, prices and place orders. Because it syncs to your ERP in real-time the customer is able to track their orders, view backorder item status and view previous invoices in a matter of minutes at any given time while being synced to your ERP system of choice.

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Digital Transformation
The digital transformation definition is the integration of digital technology into any area of your business, fundamentally optimising how you operate and deliver value to your staff and customers. If your company challenges the status quo, be prepared to tackle the current processes head-on and expect a culture shift.

Gone are the days of IT focusing only on reducing operational costs.

Remote is a software development company that will help you through your company’s IT transformation journey with agility and targetted at revenue generation.

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Business Applications
Let us craft your software development ideas into reality by guiding you through the best solution-driven process. See your prototype website design become a functional web or mobile app that is user-friendly and fused with Silicon Valley best practice.

Nobody knows your business like you do.

Web Apps

Remote’s software engineers will recommend the programming language and technology that is suitable for your web app or we can follow your current IT framework and specifications.

Mobile Apps

Remote’s Android and Apple developers are well guided by the UI and UX design team which outputs beautiful prototypes that are developed to spec and quality is assured.

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More quality services

Edit assets on the leading content management systems such as:
Adobe Experience Manager

Content Management

Let us manage your company’s content and ensure your assets are up to date.
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Ensure that your applications are online 99.9% of the time:
Application support
User support
Code guarantee
Backup solutions
24/7 call centre option


Ensure your assets are safe, accessible and backups are completed.
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Choose from our many share or dedicated hosting packages:
Email only
Linux PHP hosting
Microsoft ASP hosting
Dedicated hosting
Cloud hosting


Have your assets and emails managed by the same team.
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“Sebastien’s ability to evolve our company and brand into the new digital world was inspiring to see, truly an artist at work!”
Bart Rouan - inteliPOS
"Sebastien has added so much value to my company with his innovative ideas and suggestions on process flow."
Peter De Kock - Street Smart Financial
“Sebastien truly is a digital guru! We are very impressed with our system and highly recommend Remote.”
Matthew Liechti and Ryan Mellors - Stockable
"Remote has made online ordering so easy and simple for our clients, at the same time it has increased our sales and made a difference to our business.“
Lara Wentzel – Fisherman’s Deli
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