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Action It is a tool that allows companies to track employees’ tasks and time. This enables the company to bill their clients accurately and supply a comprehensive report to them.

The application allows the administrator to add clients and projects that are attached to a selected rate card. The employees can view their tasks and hours they have logged in a week or a month on the home dashboard. Employees are able to add as many tasks as they require, edit and copy them to a different day.

The administrator is then able to pull reports on employees or per project. If a project is retainer-based, the application will track the hours allocated to the retainer and can easily report of the health of the retainer.


  • Admin, employee and client access.
  • Add as many clients and projects as required.
  • Have as many task descriptions as required with a different price for different client tiers and years.
  • Retainer amounts can be added to a project.
  • View retainer graph per project and view instantly if the project is under or over serviced.
  • Report on employees, clients and projects with a full export feature to PDF/XLS with hours and monetary values calculated.
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