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The IT Support Center is a must for all companies that offer support to clients. This application has streamlined queries by creating tickets for various clients and their projects. The access is limited to clients and their queries can be directed to a selected group of support users ensuring that it is allocated to the right resource.

Each user group has its own dashboard and are able to view which tickets that are completed, in progress or new. When a ticket is created by the client, the support group will receive an email. The ticket is addressed by the support team and an email is sent to the client who can reply to the email to keep the ticket message chain continuing.

No client query is ever lost, everything is audible and reporting is available.


  • Multiple user roles
  • User-friendly interface for client and support team
  • Responsive & detailed ticket preview
  • Pre-made responses for the support team
  • Auto-Responders with custom e-mail templates
  • Extendable – Plenty of Add-Ons to come!
  • Let clients post replies to tickets by directly replying to auto-generated e-mail addresses.
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